Positive Parenting by King's College India

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Positive Parenting by King's College India

One of the most challenging things about being a parent is letting your child experience things on their own. Through exploration, your child not only gets to see how things work but also discovers how things are done. Kids are natural explorers and learn by experience. It is a vital part of a child’s overall development. 

Making a meaningful connection with your children is important. Doing so will have lasting impacts on them as they grow into contributing adults in the future.






Give your child a set of wings to fly- all you’ve got to do is believe in them!







Listening to your child is a vital part of parenting. To promote a healthy relationship with your child, you must hear them out so that they know you are their safety net.





The way we talk to our kids has a significant impact on their learning. We are continuously modelling our kids how to act and behave. The way we speak to them and others shows them how we want them to respond to us. So remember, you’re being watched and mirrored.





Don’t be a helicopter parent. Give your child some space. Whatever age your kids are, allow them to make mistakes and teach them how to move ahead in life.






Here were a few assorted Parenting Tips we compiled, offering our two cents & nuggets of advice on how to cope with this full time (but fulfilling) job – called parenting!

Happy Parenting.

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