King's College India


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The academic session starts in April of each year and continues until March of the following year. Students between the ages of 3 years to 18 years are admitted as Day Scholars; students between 7 years to 18 years are admitted as Boarders. For the admission of students between the ages of 7 years to 18 years, a placement test along with a satisfactory report from their previous school is required. All students must be the specified age by 1st April of that year. After contacting the Admissions Department, we welcome parents to visit the school for a tour along with their children, where they can also interact with the Academic Staff during the scheduled visit. Students may be registered for entry to King’s College India at any age, with confirmation of final entry being received at least one month before the beginning of the new school session. The registration form should be completed and returned, together with a non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 10,000, to the Admissions Officer. Cheques should be made payable to King’s College India. A receipt will be sent confirming the registration.

Day Scholars

The significance of the ethos of King’s College India is reflected in the values imparted to our day scholars. They benefit from a great deal that boarding has to offer – a base within the school, long days which allow time for a variety of activities, and a close circle of friends. Our Day Scholars are wholly integrated into the boarding set up, with all the pastoral and social benefits that it brings. We offer so much more than a regular 8:30 am to 4:20 pm day-school. We are not perpetually rushing to get through the day and our pupils onto the buses, which ensures that the quality of the schooling experience we provide is much richer.


At King’s College India, we believe that boarding is a rich and life-affirming experience for our students. Boarders get to dabble in a wide spectrum of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities ranging from rehearsing for a play to developing pictures in a darkroom, practicing with a music ensemble or playing basketball, are both formal and informal by nature, ensuring that these endeavours offer a respite from the strictly academic demands. We know that when the boarders leave us, they are well prepared for the demands and challenges of university life; they are independent, cheerful, capable young men and women who go on to make their mark on the world.

International Admissions

At King’s College India, we welcome international students with open arms. We believe that every individual is unique and should be valued, regardless of race, gender or creed. Our school celebrates the life-changing experience that an international schooling offers each student. To take this thought forward and make the admissions process easier, once the school receives the Admissions Fee from an international student, we will assist with the visa needed to study at King’s College India. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to assist with visas for parents/Guardians.