Academic Overview

King's College India

Academic Overview

Academic Overview

King’s College India is committed to provide the best quality education to its students. The method we use guarantees a high calibre learning experience consists of a holistic mix of both theoretical and practical teaching. We follow the British Curriculum, characterised by an impressive array of core subjects, balanced with co-curricular learning essential for well-rounded development.

Our school is a British school, therefore, we offer a modern style of teaching which differs from the national curriculum. More specifically, in the British education system, students are taught to learn by questioning, problem-solving, and creative thinking rather than by the mere retention of facts. This curriculum hones their analytical and creative thinking skills that they will need in the working world.

Our learning courses are divided into three main sections: EYFS, Junior School and Senior School for which the methodology varies according to the needs of every child taking into account all important factors including age.

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Pre-Nursery | Nursery | LKG | UKG

These are our little ones! This section corresponds to students at Pre-Nursery, Nursery, LKG and UKG. So much wonder and curiosity at such a young age which we wish to foster and encourage throughout their years at King’s. Therefore, at this stage, we focus on delivering personal, social and emotional development; communication and language, along with physical development.  

There are also four subsidiary areas: Expressive Arts and Design, Literacy, Numeracy and Understanding the World

JUNIOR SCHOOL (Cambridge Primary)


At this stage, they are a little older (students from Standard 1 to Standard 5) which permits us to incorporate a larger array of core subjects. Some of the basics include English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE Programme).

However, as you know, we go beyond the basics and wish to unleash the full potential of all students in many aspects of learning which is why we also include subjects such as Hindi, French, Music, Drama, Art, and Physical Education that contribute to their well-rounded development.



Students are exposed to a wide variety of disciplines when they advance to lower secondary.Two modern languages and three sciences are among the courses that every student study.
In Lower Secondary school we offer the following subjects:
First Language English, French, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Global Perspective, Music, Physical Education, Drama and Art and Design


The ability for students to select some of their topics based on the career pathways they intend to pursue is only available in IGCSE 1 (standard 9). Students select a maximum of seven subjects , some of which are optional and others of which they must take.

School offers the following subjects in IGCSE 1 and IGCSE 2:

First Language English, English as a Second Language, French, Hindi as a Second Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Global Perspectives, Computer Science and Art & Design


Cambridge Advanced offers a broad range of subjects, some of which are obligatory while others are additional. Therefore, each student is free to choose according to what career they wish to take; they can either opt for subjects directed to a specific field or opt for combinations ranging from a diversity of subjects. Whichever way, our diverse and broad number of subjects allows the school to meet each and every student’s interest.

Once students reach Standard 11 (AS Level) and 12 (A Level), they further consolidate their studies from the following available options: 

English Literature, English – General Paper, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Accounting, Economics, Global Perspectives, Computer Science, Hindi, Art and Design, Psychology and Music

Careful advice is given from the outset to ensure that choices match the requirements of popular courses at prestigious universities.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Learning support

We are aware that some pupils from overseas may require some additional support with learning English as an Additional Language (EAL). However, there is no need to worry about your child facing any difficulties as the department provides opportunities for such pupils to work in small groups.

We ensure to cater to each student’s needs, which is why the teacher assigned for such purpose will incorporate the needs of students within his/her planning using first-rate resources and materials. Furthermore, small group sessions will be arranged for those who need more personalised attention. 

Enrichment Program

Apart from the EAL Learning support mainly oriented towards the development of the English Language, we also offer an enrichment program, that is, a specialized tutoring program for students who need to learn at a higher pace than in a regular classroom. It allows students who need an extra challenge in the classroom to stay engaged and interested in learning. This program is meant and designed for those students who comprehend class content apace and never feel bored at school.

Schools often overlook enrichment programs, but they are actually very beneficial for students in myriad ways such as: 

  • Improved study skills
  • Increased interest in Learning 
  • Higher Motivation
  • Personalised pace learning 

As you can observe, King’s College India gives students a newfound love of learning and the ability to learn at their own pace in a supportive, conducive and comfortable environment.