British Culture

King's College India

British Culture

From the language we speak at school, the education system we stand for, the traditional English sports our students are engaged in to the values and ethical manners that we insert into them from a young age, our school certainly reflects British culture at its best. We are, after all, a proud British school.

For those who are yet to discover what British culture entails, here are a couple of basic facts you may like know about:

  • Please, thank you, and sorry are normal parts of everyday conversations and interactions.
  • They are known to be extremely punctual people, being late is considered rude. 
  • Unlike the rest of Europe they drive on the left side of the road. 
  • Major celebrations in the UK calendar include: Christmas Day (25th December), Boxing Day (26th December), New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, the Queen’s Birthday on the second Saturday in June.
  • Whilst Christianity is the dominant religion in the UK, minority religions include Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism
  • Even if British food has not got an exceptional reputation in the world, there are some traditional foods in the United Kingdom and traditional British beers. The English breakfast and fish and chips are the most iconic dishes in the UK. 
  •  Art and literature have played a focal part in the history of UK culture. There are many art galleries throughout the country and Britain is known for its history of authors such as Virginia Woolf, TS Eliot, Agatha Christie and Jane Austen.

All in all, the culture of the United Kingdom is rooted in the country’s long history. British culture is complicated yet straightforward, confusing yet interesting. 

Students from King’s College India will all come in contact with a new way of being and living, they will have their own background culture as well as the one they have received at school giving way to an interesting and exotic mixture of two different cultures. This is what makes our students interesting, open-minded and world citizens.