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This is an international educational  program that fosters creativity and problem-solving skills in the students, enhancing our ability to think outside the box. The program emphasises teamwork, critical thinking, and innovation as students work together to solve open-ended problems.

KCI Literacy Programme

“If you want to see different results, do things differently.” Applying it in the context of linguistic development, King’s College India has designed its unique 3 Year Literacy Program, where literacy development is not just fenced into the allocated periods in a time table.

KC Art Festival

Holi Festival

Let’s paint the world with the colors of love and happiness this Holi. May this festival of colors bring joy and togetherness to all.  

International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the achievements of women and pledge to support their progress in every sphere of life.   


The departing Upper Sixth celebrated all their fantastic achievements at the Leavers’ Ball; a remarkable event covering the liveliness and essence of their time at Kings College India.

Leavers’ Ball started with the well-planned and decorated car procession at King’s College India, Rohtak, led by our Headmaster Mr. Paul Page. The Lower Sixth students welcomed Upper Sixth students as they showered them with flowers.

After the wonderful welcome, the Upper Sixth students gazed at the different activities that were organised and performed by Lower Sixth Students like various dances and songs which really brightened the evening, soothing everyone’s eyes and ears. Upper Sixth students were also felicitated with magnificent titles and presents. DUX award was also presented to one of the most deserving students, Akshara.

The evening was an incredible success and will now and forever be a fond memory! Finally, to the departing Upper Sixth, a massive congratulations
for all their hard work during the last couple of years. We wish them the best of luck with all their future endeavours!

Whole School Assembly

Inter House Competitions

Pool Time

Book Fair

IGNITE 2022 (One Day Business Project)

Our Business students organised IGNITE 2022 (Business Project based fair) under guidance of Dr Rajni Garg, on December 14, 2022. The students of Business applied their classroom learning in formulating actual business Plan, strategies and competed with their peers in generating maximum profit. It will help them to connect with real life situations and have experiential learning.

Apart from learning to be a successful business entrepreneur, the fair aims at honing the communication, organization and analytical skills of the students. Since it is practical approach to understand the business affairs, planning, administering, managing and executing, etc. So these have been made part of evaluation criteria. Therefore, students are solely responsible for making their group successful. They run the whole business independently.

It provides a great opportunity to the students to carry out research and develop spirit of enquiry by preparing and presenting independent projects. The independent work promotes a sense of belongingness among the students. They learn, commit errors, and relearn. The whole process strengthens their sense of responsibility, skill of formulating strategy and other management skills. They learn to work and perform in a group and acquire 21st century skills.

Christmas Fair & Open House

Standard 2-6 were treated to a workshop from Circle of Life all about ‘Happiness Matters’ The students were encouraged to think happy thoughts and this will then transfer into their everyday life.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It finished by all the students writing down something they were grateful for and we made a gratitude tree in the Junior department where hopefully the senior students and staff can add to in the days ahead.

The students of Standard 6 then continued this theme into their assembly on Mindfulness.

By training our brain we can become better at coping with all our emotions. So the Standard 6 led a variety of sessions training the brain to cope with the emotions they experience every day in the playground, in the classroom, with their peer group and at home.

We all left feeling very relaxed and HAPPY ? on Monday afternoon!


Christmas Nativity 2022

Crazy Hat Day

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