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Whole School Assembly

Inter House Dance Competition

Junior Pool Party

Character Day

KCI kicked off its Book Week with a competition for students to ”Dress like a book Character”. It was wonderful to see so many students engaged in this activity and the amount of effort that went into the costumes was impressive!

We had an amazing array of costumes including ”Guffalo”, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, we had Hans Christian Anderson’s Mermaid, a collection of Superheroes and princesses and even a Mind craft character from the book, from the game!’ Many Teachers also dressed up in some great costumes adding to the spirit of the occasion.

Each 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner from EYFS, Juniors and Seniors won 200, 500 and 700 rupees to spend on books at the Full Circle Book store that have brought a fantastic collection of books for all ages.

A great start to our Book Week!

Charity Assembly

It is World Charity Day on September 5th so Standard 3 conducted an Assembly on that theme.

They asked all of Junior School to donate clothes, utensils, shoes and non-perishable food.

They manged to get quite a haul, people were very generous. It is always said that charity should begin at home and that is exactly what happened, some of the clothes, food and toys where delivered to a family that lives in the grounds of the King’s College Campus.

They were delighted to see so many gifts.

Standard 3 then proceeded to delight us with their wonderful memories of amazing children around the world that have set up charities.

A few of these charities were called; The Ladybug Foundation, Hoops of Hope, Kids Saving the Rainforest Doing all this research certainly inspired our children and they all left feeling very proud and happy of their achievements today.


Happiness Workshop

Standard 2-6 were treated to a workshop from Circle of Life all about ‘Happiness Matters’ The students were encouraged to think happy thoughts and this will then transfer into their everyday life.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It finished by all the students writing down something they were grateful for and we made a gratitude tree in the Junior department where hopefully the senior students and staff can add to in the days ahead.

The students of Standard 6 then continued this theme into their assembly on Mindfulness.

By training our brain we can become better at coping with all our emotions. So the Standard 6 led a variety of sessions training the brain to cope with the emotions they experience every day in the playground, in the classroom, with their peer group and at home.

We all left feeling very relaxed and HAPPY ? on Monday afternoon!


Trip to Chill Out Zone

Tagore International School Visit

Inter House Girls Football Finale

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