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Japanese Tea Ceremony

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves–slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”                                      -Thich Nhat Hanh

With this idea in mind, Primary 3 and 4 started Week without Walls (WWW) with the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The idea behind this aesthetically pleasing activity was focusing on BEING REFLECTIVE through the meditative power of the tea ceremony.  Students left no stone unturned to make it a great show opener for WWW.  They were dressed in Japanese attire, carrying their ceramic tea pot, cup and saucer.  They brewed their fresh flower tea for which flowers were picked up from King’s College India’s herb garden.  It was indeed a vibe to cherish seeing our little ones being calm yet enthusiastic for this unique ceremony. 

'We are rainbows. We paint dreams'

We are King’s College India. With the focus on BEING INNOVATIVE, today our Primary 3 and 4 gathered to make the spring more colourful with t-shirt painting. Fun part was doodle art with vegetable stamps. 
On Thursday our little artists will wear these t-shirts while taking the role of ‘master chefs‘. 
Stay tuned!

Trip to Cow Sanctuary

Our excursion to the local cow shelter (Gaushsla) with Nursery and Reception students was an enriching experience for us all. As our beautiful children interacted with these gentle creatures, from calves, to Mother cows to bulls, their faces lit up with wonder and compassion.

Understanding the importance of caring for animals through feeding them vegetables and grasses, our children were able to comprehend in a very real way the significance of empathy and responsibility.

Amidst their playful giggles and curious questions, profound lessons are being ingrained in their young minds about the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals. They grasped the importance of taking care of these creatures who provide us with nourishment and companionship. Through this hands-on experience, the children learned the essence of kindness, respect, and stewardship towards all living beings.

Each moment captured during our excursion reflects the awareness and connection our Nursery students have developed towards the well-being of animals. It’s a testament to the power of experiential learning and the impact it has on shaping compassionate individuals.

'Kidzania Trip'

Budding explorers on an exhilarating venture, eager to immerse themselves in real-life experiences. 
Their journey was filled with a plethora of activities, as they donned various hats—transforming into doctors, pediatricians, dentists, bakers, pilots, and even experiencing the adrenaline-pumping life of a firefighter. In a stimulating environment, they encountered challenges and triumphs, each moment adding to their amazing learning experience.
Among the highlights was a visit to the Theme Park, where pupils of King’s were inspired and empowered, equipped with newfound knowledge to navigate and manage their world with confidence and competence.

No-fire cooking

‘We cook love.’ 

BEING ENGAGED can never be boring if the children are master chefs. Today Primary 3 and 4 prepared a three course healthy meal for their spring picnic. Keeping hygiene and health in mind, students prepared gluten free laddoos, exotic fruit salad and refreshing lemonade. While their special laddoos created a sensation in the school, the aesthetics of their picnic under the bottle brush tree won the hearts. 

Primary Tara Show

Tara Continues to Soar…
… The Skies Above King’s College India

What joy to see the students of Primary 6 perform Tara in the Realm of Mythical Birds, sequel to last year’s Tara, Compass Crow, at King’s College India.

This year, Tara adventured into mythical realms above the clouds where the colours of bright prayer flags livened up the late winter afternoon.

With notable performances from Ivan, the Horse of Power, Rainbow Crow, the Firebirds, Wizard and of course Tara herself, everyone got to take home a little bit of magic from this musical delight.

Drama & Theatre: Romeo and Juliet, aka Football Juliet

🎉Senior School students of King’s College India had their audience gripped from beginning to end of their modern-day reimagined Romeo and Juliet, aka Football Juliet.

When tomboy Jules makes the surprising decision to audition for a lead role in her school’s Shakespeare production, on-stage magic happens as Ancient Verona and Modern Day Haryana join hands.

With stellar performances from Lord Capulet, Ms Cavendish, Cheeka, Romeo (Paxton) and leading lady Jules (Juliet) herself, this play kept us in its thrall until well into the night.

King's Christmas Carnival 2023

Thanks to everyone who made our carnival a blast!

The air was filled with joy and festive cheer as our school transformed into a magical wonderland. Stalls adorned with creativity showcased the incredible talents of our dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students, and various vendors who added their unique touch to the event.

Our teachers’ stalls were not just about sharing knowledge but also displaying their artistic flair and passion for creating an engaging learning environment. Students, with their innovative ideas and enthusiasm, added an extra layer of excitement to the carnival.

Relive the magical moments with us and catch a glimpse of the festive spirit that filled our school during the Christmas Carnival! Enjoy these vibrant glimpses!   

'Joy of Thanks Giving' Diwali Celebration 2023

Embracing the ‘Joy of Thanksgiving’ at King’s College India! In the spirit of humility, kindness, service, and leadership, our incredible ancillary team, teachers, and students come together to express heartfelt gratitude. From fundraising efforts to a special applause, we appreciate every contribution that makes the magic happen at our school. Today, we stand united, applauding the unsung heroes – our Gardening, Housekeeping, Catering, Maintenance, Security, and Office teams. Special thanks to those who go above and beyond, exemplifying the spirit of giving. Let’s celebrate the true essence of Thanksgiving with a day of service, appreciation, and togetherness. 

World Kindness Day 2023

This World Kindness Day, we’re living the essence of our motto: “A KINDER YOU, A KINDER WORLD.”
It’s about those everyday acts of kindness that connect us all, from a smile to lending a hand, because kindness unites and changes lives, making us better humans.
At King’s College India, we invite everyone, regardless of their background, to nurture values like self-respect, high morals, and a commitment to serving others.
Let’s keep spreading kindness because it’s what makes us human and makes the world a better place.

Celebrating KCI's Unique Literacy Program - 2023

King’s College India, a beacon of literacy and language appreciation, celebrated the success of its unique Literacy Program. The second phase of our unique Literacy Program was a resounding success, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support.
This year, we elevated literacy with a student-led News Channel on Instagram, offering insights into “Life at KCI.” Reading Buddies, our proficient readers, guided and inspired younger students during weekly assembly periods.
We hosted the India Spelling Bee 2023-24 for our young word wizards, who fostered their love for words and effective communication.
Thank you for joining our literary journey, embracing language appreciation, and illuminating the path of knowledge with us. 

Children's Day Celebration 2023

Celebrating the pure joy and boundless energy of our little stars on Children’s Day at King’s College India!
From fun games and exciting activities to cultural performances and a heartwarming cake ceremony, the day was filled with laughter and unforgettable moments. A heartfelt tribute to Pandit Nehru’s vision, nurturing the dreams of our future leaders.

A Spooktacular Celebration: King's College Halloween Parade 2023

On the 31st of October, we excitedly looked forward to the Halloween parade at King’s College, India. Our EYFS and Primary students, along with our dedicated teachers, put on a spectacular show that had everyone talking. The school corridors were adorned with spooky decorations, setting the perfect stage for this thrilling event. Our students showcased their creativity by donning a wide array of captivating costumes, truly capturing the spirit of Halloween. The stylish ramp walk added an extra layer of excitement to this unforgettable day.

Where dreams run faster than the wind- King's College India Annual Sports Day

Students from all classes came together with boundless enthusiasm, making it a day filled with spirited competition and camaraderie. The sportsmanship and energy on display were truly remarkable, turning the event into a memorable celebration of athleticism. Let the games and high spirits continue to inspire our young talents!

KCI Interhouse Football: Where Teamwork Triumphs!

Goal by goal, team spirit soared high as King’s College India hosted the thrilling Inter-House Football Competition on October 14th, 2023. The four mighty houses, Pembroke, Sherborne, Pendragon, and Windsor, battled it out on the field with passion, precision, and sportsmanship.

The echoes of cheers and chants filled the air, showcasing incredible talent and determination of our students. Congratulations to all participants for making this event a true celebration of athleticism and teamwork. At King’s College India, we not only nurture bright minds; we also foster the spirit of healthy competition and unity through the love of sports.

Science Conference & Rocketry training

Space Development Nexus organized an event at King’s College India for Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 students. The event included discussions on space technology, rockets, and satellites. Students were also involved in practical activities, crafting rockets and constructing small parachutes. The event culminated in a momentous rocket launch, providing students with first-hand experience in rocket science. The event aimed to inspire younger generations and foster interest in space exploration.

KCI Lit & Poetry Fest 2023: Where Words Come to Life!

The inaugural day of KCI Lit Fest 2023 was a vibrant celebration of the written and spoken word, marked by creativity, performance, and literary exploration!

In the primary department, an exciting journey into the world of poetry unfolded. Primary 3 and 4 students immersed themselves in the beauty of nature, drawing inspiration to craft captivating couplets and haikus. These engaging workshops were skilfully facilitated by experts in the field.

Meanwhile, Primary 5 and 6 students enjoyed a special session focusing on ‘poetry in performance.’ They not only learned the art of crafting compelling poems but also mastered the art of presenting them on stage. The emphasis was on the seamless coordination between emotions, actions, and recitation, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for all involved.

Power to the Poets!  Concluding a week of poetic engagements spanning from Nursery to Sixth Form, the young poets of King’s College India captivated the audience during their grand poetry show.  With performers as tender as three years old and as sagacious as sixteen, this profound and theatrical afternoon left a lasting impact.  Watch them fly high with poetic prowess into the skies of the future!  

Inter house Swimming Competition

Dive into Excellence: King’s College India’s Inter-House Swimming Competition! 

We made quite a splash in September as our senior students showcased their incredible swimming skills at the Inter-House Swimming Competition! 

From thrilling races to record-breaking performances, our students left no lap uncovered and no cheer unsung. 

Stay tuned for a wave of photos and highlights, and let’s celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and achievement that our students embody. 

Garba Workshop and night

Garba Workshop was organized in the school with the purpose of bringing students and parents together in a fun and festive environment.

The vibrant participation of everyone helped in promoting cultural appreciation and traditional heritage while simultaneously creating a long lasting memories.

KCI mothers made the event even more special with their smiles and dancing moves. We appreciate everyone for becoming a part of this event.

EYFS Garba Mela

EYFS Garba Mela with buddies!

What joy to have under a gentle sun having fun with our friends and buddies with Dandiya Dancing, Mehendi Painting, Toran Making and Rangoli.

Children of EYFS were invited to ‘bring a buddy’ from outside of school to join in the celebration! Looking forward to seeing all our lovely guests again for future events at King’s College India

Welcome Mr. Matt Street

We proudly introduce Mr. Matt Street, our new Head of Boarding and Physical Education. With a robust background in education and global experience, Mr. Street brings fresh perspectives and dedication to our school.
Originally from Shrewsbury, UK, Mr. Street studied at the University of Chester before embarking on an eight-year teaching career in the UK. His rich experiences have equipped him with a deep understanding of diverse educational contexts.

At King’s College India, Mr. Street’s vision is clear. As Head of Boarding, he aims to create a ‘Home from home’ atmosphere, balancing academics, sports, social life, and emotional well-being to foster a close-knit community. Mr. Street designs inclusive and challenging lessons to instill lifelong passion for sports and exercise. He also prioritizes values like respect, perseverance, and discipline in our school teams, which extend beyond sports into all aspects of life.

Join us in welcoming Mr. Matt Street, a dedicated educator ready to make a positive impact on King’s College India.

Charity-cum-marketing Extravaganza

Kings College India, Rohtak – Fostering Community and Leadership Through Giving Back 🌟🤝

We hosted a charity-cum-marketing extravaganza! Our school grounds came alive with delicious treats, delighting all who attended. The joy on our children’s faces as they savored these treats was heart warming.

At King’s, our mission goes beyond academics; we aim to provide our students with a holistic education that includes invaluable life skills. This event was a prime example of that commitment. We believe in nurturing their entrepreneurship skills, instilling a sense of community service, fostering leadership qualities, promoting teamwork, enhancing social interaction, boosting confidence, and teaching the importance of kindness to others whenever possible.

Our dedicated team of student volunteers, brimming with enthusiasm, took charge of managing the various stalls, showcasing their excellent organizational and leadership abilities. We are thrilled to share that the event was a resounding success, leaving everyone with cherished memories.

What makes this event even more special is that all the funds collected from the food stalls will be channelled into the ancillary staff benevolent fund, reinforcing the spirit of giving and supporting our extended school family.

Thank you to all who joined us in this wonderful endeavor. Together, we’re shaping not only bright minds but also compassionate hearts. 🌟🤗

Teachers' Day Celebration

Happy Teachers’ Day at King’s College India! 

Our students organized a heartwarming event to express gratitude to our incredible teachers. From cake cutting to heartfelt messages, dance performances to outdoor activities, it was a day filled with appreciation and love. Thank you, teachers, for your tireless efforts in shaping young minds!

Janmashtami Celebration

Stories, Sweets, and Swings: EYFS Celebrates Janmashtami

Little hearts in EYFS indulged in a delightful celebration, weaving stories of Krishna’s birth, adorning masks and headgear, relishing sweets, and swinging joyfully on Krishna’s jhula.

KCI celebrates the 7th Founder's Day

Cheers to 7 years of excellence at King’s College! 🍰🎂 From an inspiring message by Mr. Paul, Dr. Rajni, and Ms. Tansy, to the heartwarming cake-cutting ceremony, our 7th Founder’s Day was a beautiful blend of gratitude, nostalgia, and unity. 🎉 A special shoutout to our Founders, Mr. Anshul Narwal, and Director Mrs. Disha Narwal, whose vision and dedication have been the driving force behind our success. 🙌✨
As we celebrate our 7-year journey, we proudly carry the legacy of King’s College Taunton, with its remarkable 143-year history of excellence, guiding our Founder’s Day celebrations. 🌍📚
Join us in reliving the magical moments! Watch glimpses of Founder’s Day as we look forward to more years of success, growth, and cherished memories. 📸📚

Independence Day 2023

King’s College India’s 76th Independence Day Celebration 2023

A day of unity and patriotism! Flag hoisting, mesmerizing performances, and heartfelt speeches marked the 77th Indian Independence Day at KCI. Distinguished guests, traditional dances, patriotic poems, and dynamic group acts showcased India’s diversity and progress. The Headmaster Mr. Paul’s words inspired all, while young talents shone in dances, songs, and a moving skit. A joyous end with a vibrant group dance on “Shubh Din Aayo Re.”

A standing ovation to our brilliant students, the architects of inspiring messages of equality, unity, acceptance, and diversity. Your creative spirit and involvement enrich our celebration. Together, we kindle young minds to think, innovate, and embrace diversity. Happy Independence Day!

Awards Ceremony 2023

Embracing Success Together !

A day filled with brilliance, dedication, and passion as we celebrated our outstanding students at Awards Day. Their achievements are a testament to their hard work and the support of our wonderful school community.

Crazy Hat Day 2023

“Unleashing Happiness, One Crazy Hat at a Time!”

Inspired by Philip Treacy’s words, “How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about,” we celebrated our vibrant Crazy Hat Day this year with a theme focused on “Wellbeing!” It was a day where our KCI family showcased their creativity and expressed what brings them joy through unique hat designs.

As the monsoon rains welcomed us, our students embraced the occasion with beaming smiles and an infectious spirit of participation. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and laughter, as each hat became a canvas to share heartfelt messages and spread happiness. From whimsical creations to dazzling masterpieces, our Crazy Hat Day truly lived up to its name. It was a celebration of individuality, where everyone wore their happiness on their heads.

Our students discovered that self-expression and embracing their own happiness are vital for a truly fulfilling life. Together, we embarked on a joyous journey, celebrating ‘Hat Day’ as a colorful and crazy testament to the power of happiness and individuality within our KCI family.

World Tiger Day 2023

Did You Hear the Roar?
For World Tiger Day, a troupe of King’s College performers took to the stage to tell the humorous tale of The Terrible Tiger.
Children from Early Years and Primary, as well as parents and children seeking admission to King’s College India, came and roared with them for the duration of the show.
Our National Animal was well celebrated and brought awareness to its current plight.
Congratulations to all our performers and interactive audience.

Factory visit: Lotte India, Rohtak

Industrial visits contribute to the holistic learning development of the students. In order to facilitate classroom learning which provides so much insight into the practical applications of theoretical concepts, the Industrial visits offer students the opportunity to see the theories they learn in the classroom being applied in real-life settings.

Lotte Confectionery, the parent company of Lotte India is part of the Korean conglomerate, Lotte Group.The company is a respectable player in the confectionery space with strong brands like Coffy Bite, Caramilk, Lacto King and Lotte Eclairs apart from BooProo and Spout gums. Lotte India has been instrumental in creating the ‘Pie’ category in India – Lotte Choco Pie enjoys near monopoly status.

They permitted our 70 students with faculty members to visit the industry at the Rohtak location. Mr Arvind the engineer-in-charge of production received us and gave a brief introduction about the factory and the work culture. We were given masks, head and shoe covers along with overcoats to be worn. We were taken from one section to the next and were explained the process involved in the making of Choco Pie. All the staff members were warm and concentrating on their work. Everyone was wearing masks, shoe covers along with the jumpsuits and caps. They showed us the complete process from raw materials to the making of the pie and we all got a chance to taste it. The goodies given by the management got a big smile on our students face and it seems the visit was successful.

Investiture Ceremony 2023

Learners of today, leaders of tomorrow! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓
Embarking on a journey of excellence, capturing the essence of mentorship, witness the vibrant preparations of King’s College India as the future leaders. The Celebrations of our school’s Investiture Ceremony, where future leaders are being forged and dreams are taking flight.

Results Academic Year 2022-23

Huge Congratulations to our students, for achieving outstanding results at King’s College India! Your dedication and hard work have paid off. We are overjoyed to celebrate your success and wholeheartedly applaud everyone’s success. We are proud of you all!


This is an international educational  program that fosters creativity and problem-solving skills in the students, enhancing our ability to think outside the box. The program emphasises teamwork, critical thinking, and innovation as students work together to solve open-ended problems.

KCI Literacy Programme

“If you want to see different results, do things differently.” Applying it in the context of linguistic development, King’s College India has designed its unique 3 Year Literacy Program, where literacy development is not just fenced into the allocated periods in a time table.

KC Art Festival

Holi Festival

Let’s paint the world with the colors of love and happiness this Holi. May this festival of colors bring joy and togetherness to all.  

International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the achievements of women and pledge to support their progress in every sphere of life.   


The departing Upper Sixth celebrated all their fantastic achievements at the Leavers’ Ball; a remarkable event covering the liveliness and essence of their time at Kings College India.

Leavers’ Ball started with the well-planned and decorated car procession at King’s College India, Rohtak, led by our Headmaster Mr. Paul Page. The Lower Sixth students welcomed Upper Sixth students as they showered them with flowers.

After the wonderful welcome, the Upper Sixth students gazed at the different activities that were organised and performed by Lower Sixth Students like various dances and songs which really brightened the evening, soothing everyone’s eyes and ears. Upper Sixth students were also felicitated with magnificent titles and presents. DUX award was also presented to one of the most deserving students, Akshara.

The evening was an incredible success and will now and forever be a fond memory! Finally, to the departing Upper Sixth, a massive congratulations
for all their hard work during the last couple of years. We wish them the best of luck with all their future endeavours!

Whole School Assembly

Inter House Competitions

Pool Time

Book Fair

IGNITE 2022 (One Day Business Project)

Our Business students organised IGNITE 2022 (Business Project based fair) under guidance of Dr Rajni Garg, on December 14, 2022. The students of Business applied their classroom learning in formulating actual business Plan, strategies and competed with their peers in generating maximum profit. It will help them to connect with real life situations and have experiential learning.

Apart from learning to be a successful business entrepreneur, the fair aims at honing the communication, organization and analytical skills of the students. Since it is practical approach to understand the business affairs, planning, administering, managing and executing, etc. So these have been made part of evaluation criteria. Therefore, students are solely responsible for making their group successful. They run the whole business independently.

It provides a great opportunity to the students to carry out research and develop spirit of enquiry by preparing and presenting independent projects. The independent work promotes a sense of belongingness among the students. They learn, commit errors, and relearn. The whole process strengthens their sense of responsibility, skill of formulating strategy and other management skills. They learn to work and perform in a group and acquire 21st century skills.

Christmas Fair & Open House

Standard 2-6 were treated to a workshop from Circle of Life all about ‘Happiness Matters’ The students were encouraged to think happy thoughts and this will then transfer into their everyday life.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It finished by all the students writing down something they were grateful for and we made a gratitude tree in the Junior department where hopefully the senior students and staff can add to in the days ahead.

The students of Standard 6 then continued this theme into their assembly on Mindfulness.

By training our brain we can become better at coping with all our emotions. So the Standard 6 led a variety of sessions training the brain to cope with the emotions they experience every day in the playground, in the classroom, with their peer group and at home.

We all left feeling very relaxed and HAPPY ? on Monday afternoon!


Christmas Nativity 2022

Crazy Hat Day

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