King's College India


No celebration is complete without some exuberant or controlled, dancing. Every culture around the world has its own form of dance, and these dance forms are enthusiastically embraced not just by people of that cultural group, but by other people around the world as well.

Having said this, India is the best place to be for dancing, we are located in a culture which has a history of Bollywood and amazing colourful and sparkly celebrations all year round which are not complete without a performance. 

Dance at King’s

King’s College India has always enjoyed huge successes in the performing arts. Our concerts provide both small and large ensemble music alongside solos, and our choir goes from strength to strength. All our yearly shows are fully staged with lighting, costume, music and dance numbers, adding that extra bit of sparkle. 

We produce performing arts showcases which offer speech and drama, dance and choreography. Dance students will learn to choreograph, perform and appreciate dance as an art form. This holistic engagement with dance informs their development as creative and artistic individuals, and broadens their aesthetic, social and cultural experience. As well as performing themselves, students will have the opportunity to attend a variety of live professional performances.