International Applications

King's College India

International Applications

King’s College India, a British Day, Weekly & Full Boarding school believes in the holistic development of children and opens a world full of possibilities with global exposure, personalised learning and world class facilities in a nurturing environment. The provision of experiential learning and an all-inclusive approach makes King’s different from other schools and provides individualised awakenings for children who are looking for more than just structured learning.

An overview

International education, particularly in a global economy, is a very important part of a 21st century education. In the world that we live in, no one is an island to themselves, so we need to expose students to the world out there. There are opportunities to learn from all different parts of the world. Additionally, a school that integrates both national and international students provides numerous benefits for both parties. Not only does it expose children to a wide range of cultures which allows each to expand their views on the world but it also contributes to individual growth. 

We here at King’s College India are well aware of that which is why we encourage students from all over the world to join in this educational journey. 

I study in King’s College India and it has been a great experience so far since they provide multiple activities to all the students as well as a vaster learning experience for all of us. The boarding house of our school is also highly facilitated

(Mrutyunjay from Jakarta, IG1)

am a boarder in King’s College India and it’s really fun studying here. I have been here for the past one year and it has been a great experience. The teachers are really friendly as well as very helpful. I also like the borders because you can live independently and that makes it fun when you are living with your friends.

(Farheen from Dubai, IG2)

Hi my name is Diptansu Rijal and I had joined the school in grade 11 after completing my 9th and 10th board from GD Goenka. I am really enjoying the school online classes. Teachers are really good and I have chosen my subjects of my interest. I have already made a lot of friends and they are all supportive and caring.

(Diptansu Rijal – AS from Kathmandu, Nepal)

I first joined King College India in April 2020. I gave the entrance examination virtually. I got through the exam successfully. At first, I was a little nervous but I adjusted there pretty quickly. The teachers and the students welcomed me warmly. I chose this school because of all the extracurricular activities that were present here. The teachers here are all nice to me and I have also made some good friends. I am thoroughly enjoying every experience here and everyday teaches me something new!

(Uzaw Thin from Bangladesh)

On the first day when I came to King’s College, I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up with the progress or answer the teacher’s questions due to language differences. Fortunately, every teacher explained to me kindly and patiently, and even asked me if I needed additional courses.

I was surprised by the teacher’s nurturing nature towards the students which I did not see in China and Taiwan. They always have a friendly smile on their face, and it makes you feel welcome in this environment. Everyone that I met has always given me their attention when speaking about myself and my life back home. I feel like I have found a new home here.

(Jia Di Chung from Taiwan)