Student Council

Student Council


Kings College India aims to be a self-improving school. Therefore, we believe that the opinions and views of the students are important to help us continue to improve. 

Student representatives will meet with the Head Teacher at school to bring forward any issues or ideas, which will  be openly discussed and where appropriate, action plans will be made to solve any problems or bring any ideas to fruition. 

School Council Representatives: AY 2019 - 2020​

  • Lead Advisors of Student Council (Mr. Shane and Mr. Tom) who is the only position held by staff member Advisors help ease students into their roles in the student’s council
  • Co-Presidents (Zoya Hussain and Siddharth Rana) who effectively run the council and work with the advisors in all planning pertaining to the student council; call/lead all student council meetings; set the agenda for all meetings; give guidance, support and leadership to school activities that are approved by administration and student body.
  • Secretary (Yash Rathee) who keeps records of school business in each meeting
  • Historian (Devansh Arora) who record the activities of the year and develop  pictorial and written records of the highlights of the year
  • Public Relations Director (Saad Siddiqui) who keeps the student body informed of events, fundraisers and projects run/led by the student council; help maintain online presence of student council; liaise with the school newsletter and provide articles for this; help maintain student council noticeboard
  • Green Leader (Utkarsh Gupta) who takes a lead in educating staff and students about green issues as they link to our campus and provides regular updates to the student council on green issues that pertain to Kings College India campus
  • Homeroom Representatives (Arjun Gahlawat, Shourya Aggarwal, Eshaan Hooda, Antriksh Vats, Gurvansh Singh, Rudrapratap Singh) who generate enthusiasm for events on campus and promote school spirit throughout the year and be active and conscientious in reporting to the Student Council of any standard level of concerns, issues and questions that the students may have.