School Facilities

King's College India

School Facilities

Full Boarding

The full boarding experience at King’s College India is a rich experience for the students. The boarders take part in varied kinds of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities depending upon their interests. 

This is their opportunity to learn which hobby can be turned into a life-long passion, be it photography, dancing, music, theatre and so on. 

These activities bring respite to the boarding life, which is very disciplined to ensure each child is well-equipped to take the outside world head-on.

Day School

The day school creates many opportunities for the students to learn from the long days, enabling them to partake in various kind of activities with a close group of friends. 

The activities give the students a wholesome experience, with the right mix of academic and non-academic learning. 

The classes begin at 8 am and end at 4 pm, ensuring that the learnings imparted in the day school facilitate a deep learning experience.

Nursery and Prep

The Early Years curriculum is specifically designed for children aged 3 to 5 years. Children are taught in a facility designed to meet their needs with additional facilities that are developmentally challenging such as an age appropriate outdoor play area including climbing apparatus, a sand pit and sports equipment. Each classroom is equipped with computers and the best educational Resources.


The teaching staff in Early Years is trained and experienced and learning environments are carefully planned by the teachers to achieve their objectives and meet the needs of the students.


Both the Reception classroom and the Nursery Playroom are equipped with Indian  hand-crafted games and toys. As far as is possible, King’s College India continues to source all our durable equipment from companies and collectives who adhere to a sustainable and environmental friendly ethos.

In addition to our socially and environmentally responsible resourcing, the EYFS department at King’s College India aims to ensure every child has a positive and fully engaged experience of the world around them.