Parents’ Role in Their Child’s Learning

Parents can contribute enormously to their children’s education and although how we contribute will change over time as our children grow, one thing remains constant: We are our children’s models. Our attitudes about education can inspire theirs and show them how they can take charge of their own learning.

Here are some tips to help you support your child:

1) Be a role model for learning

Parents are the first teachers children have. The parent can show how school extends learning at home and how exciting it can be.

2) Pay attention to what your child loves

Is your child a talker or is he shy? Find out what interests your child

3) Try an understand how your child learns 

Does your child like visual or tactile prompts, is she most focused when listening?

4) Set aside time to read together

Read to your child (older children too!) There is nothing better for your child or more fun than spending time this way.

5) Make connections with what your child is learning at school every day

Respond to your child’s questions, for example, when cooking, do the measuring together. Listen to your child’s ideas.

 6) Help your child take charge of his or her learning

Help your child be responsible for his/her learning – don’t provide an external reward for learning.

7) Keep TV to a minimum

TV controls the agenda and prevents children from developing their own interests. Unstructured time helps children develop interests and passions.

8) Try and learn something new yourself

This is a great way to model learning for your child.


Although the above is just a summary, I hope it affirms in some ways how you are already support your child’s learning and perhaps stimulates ideas as to how or how you could do more.

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