Other Matters


Parents should contact the school office by 8.00am if their child is going to be absent.


Children may be full boarders from Year 3.

Day children in Years 3 – 8 may board on occasional or weekly basis (providing space is available).


Girls who have had their ears pierced may wear plain stud earrings provided that they have no gemstones on them. One earring per ear only is permitted.

E-Readers / Kindles

Whilst we encourage the use of e-readers within the school we would ask that children only have one which does not have internet access. We would also insist that they are fully insured by parents as they are not covered by the school insurance policy and King’s College India will not take responsibility if they are damaged or lost.


ALL boarders must leave the school premises during the pre-arranged Exeats that are highlighted in the College calendar. If parents of full or weekly boarders would like to take their children out of school at any other time they must write to the Headmaster for permission to do so. NO boarding / weekly boarding child will be allowed to leave the school premises without a gate pass signed by the Headmaster.

Electrical Equipment / Games

Students are not allowed to bring any form of electrical device into school – this includes Laptops, Tablets, Games consoles, MP3 players or any other devices that may be used to access the internet or to play electronic games. A scientific calculator for the senior students is permitted.


Where both parents are going to be out of the country, it is necessary to appoint a responsible relative or friend who will act for them as a guardian in emergency during their absence. The name (s) and contact details of the guardian should be sent to the Headmaster along with a photograph of them and details of the dates that the parents will be away.


ALL students join a House on entering the school. The house system forms the basis for competition in a variety of activities including sports, music, art, and academic achievements (through the House Point System).

The names of the Houses originate from historical Castles still in existence across the British Isles. They are:
Pembroke – located in West Wales
Pendragon – located in Cumbria in the north of England
Sherborne – located in Dorset in the South West of England
Windsor – located in London

House meetings are held every week at which forthcoming events and matters of concern are discussed amongst the members.

Each House is led by a senior member of staff who is assisted by other teachers and the Gap Students.

Within each house senior pupils are voted by their peers to be nominated as School Prefects and/or Dormitory Monitors.

Jewellery (see Earrings)

Students may not wear jewellery of any kind at school – permission for items that have special religious significance may be discussed with the Headmaster for approval.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late to school after 8.30am must report to the School Office to be registered as a late arrival and therefore be included in the Health & Safety registers for that day. From there they will be directed to their class or escorted there if they are Pre-Prep children.

Learning Support

Individual Learning Support Lessons are available to those requiring them. These carry a financial cost as listed in our current fees sheet. Children requiring such assistance will be removed from other lessons / activities during the school day which will be arranged by mutual agreement with parents and staff.

Mobile Phones

Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school at any time. Access to phones for the boarders will be organised through the House Parents and take place on a weekly basis. Students will also be able to send an email home every week and to check their own Inbox for replies / messages from parents.

Music Lessons

In addition to weekly Class Music lessons, many children choose to take instrumental lessons with our wide range of visiting music teachers. These can be arranged through the Director of Music and to involve a financial commitment. Lessons are arranged during the week and students are expected to attend them without being collected. Practice times are also arranged and it is again up to the individual student to ensure he/she does the required practice. If a student wishes to stop taking these lessons then One term’s notice in writing is required, this should be sent to the Director of Music.

“Off games”

If your child has been unwell and should not take part in either games, PE or swimming please contact the Medical Centre directly. Please tell the Nurse on duty the reason why your child cannot participate in these activities. The information is held in the strictest confidence and will enable the medical staff to ensure that your child receives the best possible care during the school day.

Parent’s contact details and changes in family circumstances

Please ensure that the school is informed of any changes in contact details or family circumstances at the earliest possible time.

School Property

We expect all King’s College India students to take reasonable care of their and the College’s property, including Library books and text books which are on loan to them during their time at the school. If we feel a book is returned in a condition where it cannot be re-used then the replacement cost will be added to your school bill.

Uniforms and Clothing Guidelines

Full details of the uniform requirements are available in clothing lists (which can be found on the website or copies obtained from the school office). All clothing must be clearly labelled with woven tapes and initials. All other personal property, such as watches, should also be clearly named. All school uniform must be well maintained, students wearing scruffy / worn uniform will be asked to have it repaired by the laundry staff or replaced from the school shop.

Any casual / evening or weekend clothing that is deemed inappropriate by the House Parents will be confiscated until the end of the term, this also applies to items of non-regulation uniform.