House Groups

Students at King’s College India are grouped into four different houses. The four houses are named after castles in the UK, namely:

  • Windsor (Purple)
  • Sherborne (Yellow)
  • Pembroke (Green)
  • Pendragon (Red)

These castles are located in different parts of the UK

We believe that children are constantly learning from their environment, be it at home, school, park, or on vacation – this learning can be consciously or subconsciously. This knowledge is the outcome of a child’s own activity in varied learning experiences. The curriculum is based on the understanding that the child is a natural learner and draws upon each learner’s ability to construct their own knowledge. At King’s College India, education nurtures each child’s interest in making meaning through hands on experiences, research of queries that are driven by the child. We strive to ignite the child’s imagination through impressionistic charts and lessons.