Holistic Development

King's College India

Holistic Development

British Culture

King’s College India is a British School, delivering a warm-hearted, academically excellent education, emphasizing the core values of integrity, honesty and compassion to ensure the development of the whole child.

British education is revered globally for its excellence.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is a hugely important part of school life linked to our Aims and Ethos and our intent to provide a fully holistic education. We are committed to ensuring that every one of our students is known and valued as an individual and that the structures of support are close and effective.

We update our staff on pastoral and safeguarding training who are on hand to keep a close eye on the social and personal development of all children and young people in their care. 

Students are encouraged to get involved in charitable work, which includes supporting a local orphanage and working with Habitat for Humanity.


King’s College India is more than just about academics. We believe school should prepare children for an exponentially changing world.

Co-curricular activities are given a lot of importance here because they help re-iterate the classroom learnings.

We make sure that learning becomes simple, easy and fun.

Holistic Development

At King’s College India, we give equal importance to academics, co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities.

This is because we believe in the holistic care and development of each child, which has at its heart the development of character and values, enabling young men and women of real worth to emerge to play their part in leading their families, their communities and their country.