A new beginning

It is with enormous pride that I take up the role of Headmaster at King’s College India.

As I look back thus far on my career in education that has taken me on an exciting journey from Kenya, to Thailand, Spain to Italy, Kuwait to China, I can’t help but feel that the skills I have gained and the experiences I have had are a perfect match for the current stage of growth at King’s College India.

First week at the school
First week at the school

In the last two weeks I have been at King’s College India, I end each day not only excited by the possibilities and the journey that is to come but I am extremely impressed with the incredible warmth of the school community and the amazing progress it has made. Mr. Brendan Canavan must be commended for achieving such a warm and welcoming school. Mr. Canavan and have been working closely, even before my arrival, to ensure a seamless transition in our roles.

In the weeks to come I will be presenting to you several initiatives that focus on improved communication with this Headmaster’s blog being one of them. In future blogs I will be covering many aspects of education as varied as -what is a British Education? Cognitive Neuroscience of Music, Aspects of Language Acquisition, Growth Mindset, Holistic Education, Active learning, The shape of Education in an Exponentially Changing World, The Importance of Warm-Heartedness and much more. You will discover over the weeks, links between how we educate your child and the topics presented above.

I look forward to working in partnership with all parents in providing the children in our care, with the very British in Education at King’s College India.


Dr Nick Duggan

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